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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

Flashbacks - George Barber
George Barber explains the transition
Memories of one’s life are forever being redrawn, withdrawn, or coming up for parole. The teenager who once hated his father wakes slowly to find he is exactly like him, receding little by little, inch by inch both in hairline and tolerance. Memory, in many ways, is an art work. Kutlug Ataman argues much the same thing in this year’s Turner Prize, that everyone’s recollection of their life is fundamentally ‘art’, not truth or lies but art. All of us then have our own art memory project going on within, a Christo valley curtain running throughout our lives, undulating from the beginning until end, stringing all the disparate islands together. 
My parents were unusual, of course at the time I never realised this – they were just my parents and everything we did was I assumed much what anybody would do.