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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

A question of distance
The Company of a Stranger - On Susan Trangmar’s ‘A Question of Distance’ . By Cate Elwes
It remains something of a mystery why we often feel more able to unburden ourselves to a sympathetic stranger than to those closest to us. Perhaps it is the outsider’s assumed neutrality, the way their anonymity makes us feel safe. Perhaps it is the unspoken pact that the relationship will go no further than the initial encounter and together with the confidences we disclose, blow away on a chance wind like the one that first brought the stranger to our side. When that temporary guest is an artist in the shape of Susan Trangmar, and the meetings are held in the beleaguered state of Israel, the confidences are charged with all the political and historical associations that constitute our image of this part of the Middle East.