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The art of Randy Thom

 Sound designer (FW35)

Birds Eye View Festival
Only seven percent of directors working in the film industry are women. Why are there so few? Why does society at large need more women working in the film industry? What is the Birds Eye View film festival doing to the bridge the gap? By Sara Quin
In previous interviews with Rachel Millward a certain number usually comes up. When it comes to statistics relating to women working in the film industry, this number isn’t so lucky. I met Birds Eye View Director Rachel Millward to discuss the festival, future plans for Birds Eye View (BEV) why there is a need for female filmmakers, and the power of our medium.
Why do you think it is harder for women to succeed in the industry? “There are certain points that always come up when you’re talking about why women are not making headway and one of them really is just this confidence factor. It is a lot about networking and about being able to promote yourself without appearing pushy, and it’s hard for women because you get branded as being a pushy woman really bloody quickly and that’s very real.” I raise the point that she has been able to succeed. Are there qualities she has that she feels have helped her along the way? “I have a certain level of self confidence and a lot of driving passion. I think I’m in a minority of women having that. I’m really lucky to have that. So I’d rather use it to open it out for more women.”