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Out of Tarr's Universe

An uncompromised vision (FW34)

Emma Hedditch
Emma Hedditch was commissioned a piece by this year’s LLGFF, the animation and event: This is what I have done and this is what we are doing. Laura Malacart asks Hedditch about her practice of community documentary making
Laura Malacart – You were commissioned a piece by this year’s LLGFF: the animation and event This is what I have done and this is what we are doing was the outcome, how did it come about?
Emma Hedditch – I think my question was to think about what the festival meant to people I know and how it could be a place that I would want to go. Personally I don’t find a lot of the descriptions of films and the way the festival is presented very challenging, and in terms of identity politics I think that is a problem, since I feel I have a right to demand something from this festival. I could just not get involved and not go, or I could try and make something and hope that it was effective. I wanted to do something that was very straightforward, not using the seductive, but presenting quite solid actuality, and reflect that back to people that are doing things, and supporting them and hopefully adding a bit of strength to their actions. I think it’s great to come to a proper cinema and have a chance to see your work framed in quite an official feeling way, but with the knowledge that you could do it anywhere. The whole set up was very easy, the festival were really supportive and let me do exactly what I wanted. Although there was some confusion to begin with, I think someone thought I was making a documentary about the Dyke scene in London!