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An uncompromised vision (FW34)

Godard’s sound of music
Godard use of sound in his latest films. By Gustavo Costantini

Old Music
From the very beginning of his career, Jean-Luc Godard was talking about the importance of sound and music in his films. Much was written by Godard himself, from manifesto-like articles to essays. Academics and followers, also contributed to build a huge corpus of texts constituting an impressive ideological apparatus very difficult to recognize in Godard’s films. Instead of helping Godard’s works to grow in the audience’s minds, this proliferation of words defined a notion of Godard, and most of the times people are discussing the texts about Godard without paying attention to the films themselves. From this point of view, writing about Godard might be seen as a further addition to the list. However, my approach would try to focus on what really happens in the films, and particularly his recent feature films and a bit on his video project Histoire(s) du Cinema.