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The art of Randy Thom

 Sound designer (FW35)

The Struggle for the Real: The British Avant-Garde, 1930-1939
The Thirties and Realism
The Struggle for the Real: The British Avant-Garde, 1930-1939. By
Gareth Buckell

In film as in literature, the Thirties are remembered as a decade dominated by an essentially Realist orthodoxy. John Grierson and the documentary movement dominate histories of Thirties film just as W. H. Auden and his circle dominate studies of Thirties poetry. But the avant-garde circles of the decade, and the films they produced, were not as homogenous as history has often adjudged. Although the avant-garde filmmakers were politically broadly left wing, their ideological positions differed markedly, encompassing Communists, reformist Socialists and left-leaning liberals, and their aesthetic practices were no less diverse. It was a decade in which orthodoxy was defined, not one where it reigned.