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Venice Biennale

It would be nice to do something political (AIS 22)

Tapes from the Underground: A selected Ant Farm Videography

The Ant Farm
Tapes from the Underground: A selected Ant Farm Videography. By Mitchell Miller

Time Capsule (1972-84) opens with a crowd gathered around an ancient, battered refrigerator. There is a party mood. A man, almost entirely naked except for some genital coverings and an improvised antler headdress, scrawled over in felt tip pen, makes his entrance, and his way to the fridge. He addresses the crowd in gibberish only deciphered when he holds up a rectangular frame to his face and asks ‘Can everyone understand me now?’

Never has Bill Griffith’s Zippy The Pinhead made more sense than when watching the Time Capsule, a video hypertext - or a document of the document that is the time-blasted, rusted up appliance taking centre stage. When our surreal impresario dodges the pursuing irony and opens the fridge for the first time in twelve years, one can almost smell the resultant goo that pours out onto the stage.