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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)


Laura Malacart talks with curator Cylena Simonds about one of the most successful art organizations in the UK

Laura Malacart - Since its inception in 1994 inIVA has achieved an impressive track record of projects across various fields in the arts. In its mission statement your organisation claims to promote cultural diversity in order to reflect the multicultural reality of contemporary Britain at a local and global level: how is that practically achieved in terms of strategy? And what does it mean to operate within a local and a global context?
Cylena Simonds - In practical terms inIVA, as a multiple platform arts organisation (creating exhibitions and publications and also running education, multimedia and research projects), is constantly researching artists from diverse cultural backgrounds - both those who reside in the UK and those based in other locations across the world. We collaborate with curators, writers and arts organisations from all corners of the earth