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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

Sound absence in film

His Master’s Voice: Gustavo Costantini brings together Lacan, Chion and Zizek and discusses their insights into the importance of sound absence in film    

The Lacanian/Hegelian philosopher Slavoj Zizek finds in the complex relationship between sight and sound in cinema a way to develop some questions about gaze and voice as objects of psychoanalysis. For this purpose he establishes a link between Lacan and Michel Chion, connecting the notion of gaze and voice as love objects in Lacan to the concept of audiovision in Chion. This concept of audiovision is not a simple sum of images and sounds, but a complex perceptual structure intervening in the reception of audiovisuals. Chion resumes some concepts previously developed by his mentor Pierre Schaeffer in his Trait des Objects Musicaux, bringing them to the audio/visual field. And the starting point of all these theoretical speculations is the notion of Acousmatics.