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The art of Randy Thom

 Sound designer (FW35)

The British Independent Film Awards

BIFA Interview with Johanna von Fischer and Tessa Collinson, the newly appointed directors of the British Independent Film Awards, and BIFA Advisory Committee member Sarah Radclyffe, co-founder of Working Title Films. By Gareth Buckell.

“All films are based on what they’re worth, they’re based on sales estimates (unless you just got off with a few hundred thousand and just make it) but in the next layer, they’re based on sales estimates, so until the talent has made a name for itself you can’t get the next film financed”

A second return of the repressed Hollywood’s destabilisation vs World Cinema’s success By Gavin Lewis

In this article, I would like to examine a cultural manifestation of what I am suggesting is a cyclical breakdown in identification with conventional authority. In order to do this I will look at similarities between the current destabilisation, perhaps even pending crisis in Hollywood audience numbers and the 1960s collapse in Hollywood spectator attendance. This will also provide an opportunity to explore the role of ‘other’ national cinemas in challenging and diversifying the centralising ideological functions of Hollywood Cinema. In the 1960s this role fell to European art film culture. Arguably, in our own period, this function is being fulfilled by World Cinema.“Some reports too suggest that Hollywood ishaving to withhold its small scale independent films in order to allow blockbusters more screen time to recoup their substantial budgets. There also appears to be worries amongst cinema exhibitors themselves about sustainingaudience numbers”

“This is a very brave attempt at representingfemininity – albeit with very debateable success –outside of defining constraints of male narrative pleasure. Sexual pleasure when represented is intended to occur on the terms of the femalecharacters – male sexual pleasure outside of this trajectory is treated as an irrelevance”“This potential for instability does suggest that there is a very real possibility of exciting, radical and challenging cultural formations occurring once again. Whether or not they will look exactly like the earlier periods resistance to authority is another matter”