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The art of Randy Thom

 Sound designer (FW35)

On the fringes of the 50th London Film Festival

On the fringes of the 50th London Film Festival Review of the Experimenta strand at the last London Film Festival. By Yoni Bentovim

The greatest thing about the London Film Festival is those films you know you’ll never have a chance to see again, the ones that will never get distribution and that aren’t usually hyped up by the media. Since the LFF is not a competition based or premiere festival, the public enjoys a great variety of these rare films, some of which are arguably the best of the crop from all the big annual festivals around the world. The downside of not having a more organized competition is that there isn’t any ‘official selection’ to concentrate on and the vast number of films makes it impossible to view them all. So one has to pick and choose and find his own pattern in this enormous labyrinth of a festival (183 feature films and 131 shorts). And the pattern that I found was interesting – most of the films I saw this year at the LFF had an intriguing take on the theme of Narrative. Naturally every film is about narrative but not every film makes narrative itself its central theme and looks for its meaning within its own narrative. I don’t necessarily mean films that inspect their own medium (and there are plenty of those of course) but films that explore the meaning of story-telling in our life and illuminate how we relate and depend on narrative as viewers and in general.