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An uncompromised vision (FW34)

The British Avant-Garde, 1975-1985

Structures Collapse: The British Avant-Garde, 1975-1985  By Gareth Buckell

By the mid-Seventies, the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative was the key institution within British avant-garde film. After a decade of intense creativity, the Co-op’s leading artists aimed to define and cement the historical standing of the LFMC, hoping to situate it as a crucial development within international avant-garde film culture.

The Co-Op filmmakers aimed to achieve this by producing a body of writing that would document the LFMC’s past, and establish a vibrant theoretical discourse that would support and influence continued filmmaking.

Stephen Dwoskin’s Film Is (1975) was a comprehensive ‘underground’ history, combining personal memories with surveys of national avant-gardes, focusing on the Co-op in its treatment of Britain – the first of ‘the many film-makers’ co-operatives that began to spring up in Europe.’