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It would be nice to do something political (AIS 22)

Young film critic? or producer?

A brief glance at two of the most interesting initiatives of the International Rotterdam Film Festival

With Bert-Jan Zoet, press officer of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, we talk about a unique project within the festival which promotes the training of young film critics and the ethos of the festival itself.

Marco Zee-Jotti – How and why did you start the project?

Bert-Jan Zoet – In 1998 we created a project that involved the support and the accomodation of three young critics under 30 years of age. Initially it was quite a small initiative. We wanted to invite young film critics because we thought, and we still think, that they don’t have the opportunity and the support from their media to travel outside their country. We choose people who are already employed, so with some experience, they have already made their first step in journalism, because this is not a course. We want to introduce them to the festival and to the way we look at cinema and how we support it, through the Hubert Bals Fund, for example. This year is the ninth time that it’s being organised and we have extended the number of critics to six, as we saw that it was a very succesful project and that the previous participants were very enthusiastic about it. From the very first edition the participants have joined the FIPRESCI jury, and that was a way to put them in touch with more experienced film critics, with whom they could discuss films.