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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

Enunciation and the ‘I’ of the camera

Voice-overs, embedded narrators and ghostly presences. By Gustavo Costantini

“And there is even one more possible level, the doubly embedded narrator (who transmits a doubly embedded story): someone that is telling a story inside the story told by another one inside the main or frame story (told, at this level, by the anonymous narrator oar, in other words, the ‘third-person’ narrator)”“We can count with a frame narrator speaking in first person, but by no means can this be the only narrative agent. That voice-over will always be related to what happens onscreen, establishing a sort of inter-dependency or even counterpoint with the images, but never as a unique mode of transmitting the narration”“We are surprised by the appearance of Kevin Bacon’s voice as if he was the true narrator of the film. But then again we discover that his voice is a case of a double embedded narrator, since this voice is quoted inside the biography she is writing: a voice coming from a diary included in a text written by another person inside the film…