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An uncompromised vision (FW34)

Defending America: The Silent Partner to the Documentary Explosion
Defending America: The Silent Partner to the Documentary Explosion
In 2001 I was encased in bricks and mortar in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Center for a working day, in 2004 I moved to the United States of America because I fell in love. I’m a British artist who’s worked primarily in Live Art: Performing austerities with an underpinning of critical theory and a trajectory of expanding the realms of the self within discourses of identity, language and corporeality. An investigative relationship to lens based media has been a central tenet of that practice.
My heart brought me to a city that represented the antithesis of everything I hold dear. La La Land, Tinsel town, the home of Hollywood, has arts funding that is as laughable as its public transport, a division between rich and poor that is third world in scale, and a culture that revolves around the accrual of wealth and celebrity status. “My friend Paris Hilton… blah blah blah.” It was an enormous transition, and I still feel like a character from Coronation Street who’s landed a part in Bay Watch. (Here in LA that would be called a high concept pitch for a television treatment. I’d be paranoid about printing it because someone might steal my idea as it isn’t registered with the Writers Guild of America!)