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The Passenger or the search for identity (FW31)

Editing with Team Productions
Ben Hole is in-house editor at Team Production Services, an East London facilities house. Frances Wellingham meets him after hours in his suite.
Filmwaves: As an editor you are expected to make sense of shelves of tapes. What in turn, do you expect from a director?
Ben Hole: Direction and preparation. Those are the two most important things. In the main, however, you tend to get more direction and less preparation, and that’s not a good thing. People make decisions during an edit which they shouldn’t be making in an edit suite. In an ideal world, there’ll be a paper edit and we’ll do the cut from there. That makes life a lot easier. Of course you dont always know with a paper edit if its all going to work back to back, but at least it allows you to work with a structure.