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An uncompromised vision (FW34)

Open Hearts
A Dogme film directed by Susanne Bier at The London Film Festival 2002. By Kathy Kubicki
Dogme as a movement began in 1995; the style is reminiscent of the documentary, and the directors make use of improvisational methods. The style that comes from the rules of dogme 95 has emerged over time from the exploration of these specified conditions. ‘The rules’ include no use of props or special effects, hand held cameras must be used, and no music or soundtrack can be added, it must be recorded along with the images. These circumstances must be applied in the making of the film, and the directors talk about discovering freedom through the utilisation of these restrictions that comes from not having to make so many arbitrary decisions, and so being able to concentrate on the main body of the film, the script, the characters, the directing of the actors, intricate camera work etc.